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Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate Product Marketing Manager

From the Engines:

·         Google mobile book search gives 1.5 million books to your phone.

·         Google: how images can drive search clicks.

·         YouTube: top Super Bowl ads.

Other Topics of Interest:

·         Nielson: Google search volume surges 28.5% from January ’08 to ’09.

·         Denny’s free breakfast Super Bowl ad scores huge online buzz.

·         Paid search coupon strategies to drive traffic to offline stores.

·         Managing your personal image on Google.

·         Google dismisses Click Forensics’ click fraud report that fraud rose 17.4% in Q4.

Some Fun Stuff:

·          Injured deer takes himself to the vet.

·         Cowboy party with fake guns broken up by armed police.

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