Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Marketing Analyst

From the Engines:

·         Google widens search share gap in December.

·         The scoop on Yahoo’s new CEO, Carol Bartz.

·         Google: most popular searches of 2008 by country.

·         Live Search to be default engine for Dell and Verizon.

·         New features of Google Local Business Ads.

Other Topics of Interest:

·         Google well over a million advertisers.

·         Bringing Internet advertising technology to TV.

·         New Google favicon.

·         Compete looks at peaks for 2008 online holiday shopping.

·         AdGooroo: Google shows 58% more ads in Q4.

·         How to improve your Quality Score.

Some Fun Stuff:

·         A puppy’s mother hen.

·         “A heavyset man with a visible potbelly and a ninja costume unsuccessfully tried to steal two different ATMs.”

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