Search Happenings

Posted by JC Longbottom, Marketing Analyst

From the Engines:

• AdWords now showing separate search metrics for partners.
Incoming link advice from Google.
• Yahoo! improves Content Match to drive more relevant clicks.
• Google Webmaster Tools now identifies the source of broken links.  Matt Cutts shows how to use the tool to fix incoming broken links to your site.
• New Yahoo! shortcut shows you where the cheapest gas is in your area.

Other Topics of Interest:

• Joe the plumber, the presidential debates and search.
• Crisis on Wall Street boosts traffic for some sites.
• More search advertisers turning to MSN.
• Search engine execs hint at the future of search.

Some Fun Stuff:

• The song “Staying Alive” could save your life.
• Baby monkey has a guard dog. 

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