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Posted by JC Longbottom, Associate New Business Manager

From the Engines:

·         Google launches Google Translator Toolkit.

·         Google supports National Broadband Plan.

·         Get your vanity URL on Facebook.

Other Topics of Interest:

·         Initial traffic numbers for Bing.  Did it jump ahead of Yahoo?

·         comScore: Bing off to good start.

·         Possible advantages on Bing for search advertisers.

·         Twitter customer service best practices.

·         Is Google counting paid search ads as incoming links that boost natural search rankings?

·         Watch the Webby Awards on YouTube.

·         IAB: Internet advertising down 5% in Q1.

·         Marketing advantages of Google Wave.

Some Fun Stuff:

·         Like fishing with dynamite.

·         GO FETCH!

·         One sly mouse.

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