Search Happenings: Weekly Search Headlines

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager

From the Engines:

·         Google Sidewiki allows you to comment on sites and read comments from others.

·         Microsoft to test new paid search ads with logos and favicons.

·         Connect with Google industry research on Twitter.

·         Yahoo! rolls out new search format.  Is there anything new that’s game-changing?

·         Bing search share on the rise: 0.5% gain in August.

Other Topics of Interest:

·         Users spending less time on email as social soars.

·         Europe’s highest court: Google allowing advertisers to bid on competitors’ trademarks is ok.

·         24% of Twitter users have quit tweeting.  27% tweet every day.

·         Twitter says no ads in 2009.

Some Fun Stuff:

·         Boy pretends kidnapper stole his report card on his way home.  Kidnapper needed stuff to hang on his fridge.

·         Man eats 33 and ½ burritos in 10 minutes, explodes.

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