Semantic Search: What it Is and What You Need to Know

Posted by Jonah A. Berger, SEO Manager

Google makes hundreds of ranking algorithm changes each year – many that fly under the radar or are headlines one day and back page residents the next. The search engine is in the news again, this time for potential changes to the look and definitely the feel of its search results that website owners and agency partners need to pay attention to. The changes, referred to separately (but housed under a similar content umbrella) as direct answers and semantic search in this white paper, could have a profound impact on how search results are displayed. The positive news is that while these changes may alter the search engine results page (SERP) as we know it, current SEO efforts don’t necessarily need to experience a dramatic shift. This white paper provides extensive background on the history of semantic search and concludes with five takeaways that can help emphasize what you as a site owner or agency partner need to know.

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