SEO Tips for Mobile

Posted by Brad Beiter, Senior Program Manager, Natural Search

As wireless devices become easier to use and data plans become less expensive, more people will start using their phones for web activities beyond finding directions and checking sports scores.  That’s why marketers should keep mobile in mind when it comes to SEO.  Google’s Mobile Web Search will give you an idea of how your site looks on a mobile device.  If your site looks like it could use some mobile help, here’s a few SEO tips:

  • Use 100% valid XHTML 1.0 code: For phones and other handheld devices, the use of XHTML makes Web content more accessible.  Don’t use Flash because your Web site users don’t have Flash installed on their phones.
  • Make sure to have at least one link pointing to each page: You want your mobile Web pages to be short and clean, but not at the expense of getting rid of links to your other pages.  Your homepage should have a clear link to your native sitemap and your sitemap should include links to all other pages in order to help the mobile spiders index and rank your content.

  • Create & Submit Mobile Sitemaps for Google and Yahoo!: To further aid the mobile spiders with indexation, use Yahoo! and Google mobile Webmaster tools to upload an XML sitemap.
  • Follow SEO Best Practices: All other SEO best practices for the regular Web carry over to the mobile Web.

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