September Gem Award: Frankie Jiang, Media Manager, Performance Media

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October 22, 2015
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September Gem Award: Frankie Jiang, Media Manager, Performance Media

FrankieWhy Frankie is our September Gem:

Nominated by Timothy Lin, VP, Group Account Director, Performance Media

Frankie is one of the rarer Performics gems. Before he was promoted to Media Manager, Frankie was known for helping the rest of the team with his technical expertise. He set up automated web query reports and extended his contribution to other lines of business, saving countless hours of manual QA and giving us the ability to document all of our QA processes for the client. He has since continued to help out, even after he transitioned onto another line of business as Media Manager (just because he loves social so much!)

Frankie has also gone above and beyond on projects for our client, like establishing search and social best practices because of his fascination with cross-channel (which eventually turned into a Performics blog post).

Frankie has developed an Excel training program for employees, which was reviewed as “excellent,” specifically pointing out how helpful the training was.

Aside from all that, Frankie is a good person with a positive attitude. Frankie’s personal goal is “to have fun,” which is the essence of his personality. It’s hard not to have fun around Frankie because he exudes contagious joy. He’s selfless, volunteering every year at an organization called the Catalyst Foundation where he helps adopted children from Vietnam to learn more about the culture. Make no mistake: Frankie isn’t an angel. He apparently has a “cuss jar,” but he puts it to good use by donating the money to his charity organization.

Frankie is the September Gem because he not only goes above and beyond in his job, but he motivates his team with his fun-loving attitude and desire to help everyone. Way to go Frankie!

Frankie’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card

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