Thursday: Claim Your Brand on Twitter… Before Someone Else Does

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May 26, 2009
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May 29, 2009 Thursday: Claim Your Brand on Twitter… Before Someone Else Does

Posted by Dan Malachowski, Product Marketing Manager (Search and Performance Media)

Did you ever wonder if that celebrity or athlete you’re following on Twitter is actually the person you think they are?  In some cases, that celebrity may have been twitter-jacked; an imposter created the Twitter account and is now tweeting as the celebrity.  The latest high profile twitter-jacking is happening to ESPN “First Take” host Skip Bayless.  Fake Skip Bayless has been criticizing NBA reporter Craig Sager on Twitter for his ugly wardrobe.  This has forced real Skip Bayless to continually point out on “First Take” that he didn’t really say those things and would never make fun of Craig Sager’s wardrobe (as ugly as it is).  Fake Skip Bayless continues to tweet.

Some of the other many victims of twitter-jacking include:

Some celebrities, like Stephen Colbert, have been twitter-jacked by multiple Twitter users.  The real Stephen Colbert is this one.

So claim your name/brand on Twitter while you have the chance.  Even if you do own your brand, it’s possible that someone will twitter-jack you anyway.  If this happens, make sure you use “official/real” copy in your description or URL, link to your Web site and use a background with your brand/logo to convey to users that you’re the real deal.  Like the real Shaq.

While you’re at it, claim your LinkedIn vanity URL and Google Me profile too.

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