Thursday: Facebook Announces Three New Targeting Filters for Advertisers

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July 15, 2009
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July 17, 2009 Thursday: Facebook Announces Three New Targeting Filters for Advertisers

Posted by Micheline Sabatté, Product Marketing Manager, Performance Media

In an effort to provide advertisers with additional ways to reach audiences and potential consumers, Facebook announced three new targeting filters this week: Connections, Locations and Birthdays.

  • Connections: Want to target members of a particular Facebook group, application, page or event? Or target users who are not already members? Advertisers can now target members connected to a group, application, page or event to serve up custom messages. Additionally, advertisers can target non-members of these entities to encourage users to join or participate.
  • Locations: Want to target a single Facebook ad to multiple countries? Advertisers can now target ads to up to 25 countries using the Location filter. Ads are delivered based on IP address and a user’s profile information.
  • Birthdays: Want to say happy birthday to someone or remember them on their special day? Advertisers can now target users and send specific messages to them on their birthday.


As a provider of integrated Social Performance Marketing and search solutions for top brands, Performics is encouraged by the on-going development and refinement of the Facebook ads platform. We’re looking forward to the next generation of filters…keep ‘em coming!

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