Thursday: Managing Your Brand in a Social Media World

Posted by Micheline Sabatté, Product Marketing Manager, Paid Search & Performance Media

Today Performics hosted a Webinar for clients and prospective clients on the featured topic: “Managing Your Brand in a Social Media World.” This Webinar was part of the Performics monthly Webinar series, which are typically held the last Thursday of each month. They feature Performics team members speaking on special topics of interest, and showcasing thought leadership, product offerings and client success stories. Kirstin Peters (the senior manager for performance media) and I lead today’s session.

For those who were unable to attend the social media Webinar, here are some highlights of what you missed:

Social Media Usage Continues to Rise

·         eMarketer estimates that 44.2% of the U.S. Internet user population will visit social network sites at least once a month in 2009, according to eMarketer’s “Social Networking Worldwide: Ad Spending and Usage” (March 2009)

·         Facebook has emerged as the social network leader with 200+ million active users and the fastest demographic are people 35 years and older

·         Twitter is leading the micro-blogging phenomenon and eMarketer projects that the number of Twitter users will jump to 18.1 million in 2010, representing 10.8% of Internet users, according to eMarketer’s “Twitter Tally” (April 28, 2009)

·         Although  David Martin from Nielsen Online caused quite the stir and received challenges this week when he released a report saying that 60 percent of U.S. Twitter users (called “Twitter Quitters”) fail to return the following month, which implies a 40% Twitter retention rate and raises concern that the popular site will continue to accelerate at the pace its seen in recent months

Consumer 2.0: The Consumer Now Has Control

·         Web 2.0 technologies give consumers a platform to voice and broadcast their messages and they now have the ability to influence others about a brand in a very public way

·         Domino’s recently felt the power of the “social media consumer” when two (now former) employees posted a video to YouTube causing a PR nightmare for Domino’s

·         Therefore, brands need to join the social media conversation to learn what their consumers are saying about them, identify the social influencers and brand ambassadors, and be prepared to respond to consumers and their needs in an appropriate way

Managing Your Brand in Twitter and Facebook

·         Brands can set up a profile page on Twitter to post links and share messages, promotions, and information about their products with their followers

·         Brands can use tools like Twitter Search to find out who is talking about their brand and to proactively find people who might be interested in their product or service when they are in consideration or in-market; additional monitoring services with sophisticated tools are also available

·         Facebook Pages are now more like profile pages with an enhanced wall and tabbed design structure, and give brands the ability to send status update messages, which now appear in the fans’ home page news feed (called the stream), adding a new consumer touchpoint to the marketing mix

To get started in social media, brands need to embrace the new Consumer 2.0 phenomenon, become active users of social media and Web 2.0 technologies, develop a comprehensive social media strategy, integrate that social media strategy with other marketing activities (both online and offline), start testing, optimize these tests, and managing these social media activities for the long-term.

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