Thursday: Show Me the Fans

Posted by Micheline Sabatté, Product Marketing Manager, Paid Search & Performance Media

Last time we shared the results of a Facebook campaign that Performics managed for Chicago-based T-shirt retailer Threadless and the value of a Facebook Fan. With fan endorsements fueling Facebook social ads to perform better, there is value in growing your Facebook fan base. So who has successfully grown their fan base? And which brands have the most fans?

PageData, a site from (which is not affiliated with Facebook) provides metrics and data on which Facebook Pages have the most fans. One interesting feature about the Page Leaderboard is the ability to drill down and look at specific categories such as retail, consumer products, politicians, restaurants, and TV shows to compare fan bases. On the home page, you can also see daily and weekly gainers and losers of Facebook fans.

For example, today’s Top Gainer (also this week’s Top Gainer) was Dr. House, who is the character of the popular FOX TV show House. Actor Hugh Laurie plays the role of Dr. Gregory House. Since this week was the anticipated season finale for House, it’s no surprise that fans are coming out in support of their favorite show.


In just this week alone, the Dr. House Facebook Page won the hearts and support of 1.2+ million fans. That’s more than two times the total number of fans that John McCain has on Facebook, who has only managed to rally 557,000+ fans.

Check out PageData and see how your Page measures up.

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