Standardizing Natural Search Best Practices Across Large Organizations

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June 9, 2008
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June 11, 2008

Standardizing Natural Search Best Practices Across Large Organizations

Posted by Bridget Sandine, Program Manager (Natural Search)

Many large organizations who have multiple Web site stakeholders struggle in devising/implementing a consistent long-term natural search strategy.  Because of the number of people making site changes, the process for updating the site with new prices, products, and promotions can become extremely complex.  In these situations, natural search best practices are often implemented inconsistently or not even implemented at all.

When we work with a client who has multiple employees across different teams dealing with their Web site, we focus our Natural Search program around client education and building a natural search foundation through engraining best practices. This includes on-site training, as well as the creation of a comprehensive methodology to streamline the process of making changes to the site. In order to ensure natural search success, best practices have to be standardized across the organization for:

·         URL structure

·         Copywriting

·         Native Site Map

·         Flash/JavaScript content

·         301 redirects

·         Internal linking

It is also important to ensure that every employee understands how to execute natural search changes and that they are completed in a timely, consistent manner.  Natural search education and standardization of best practices across the organization can go a long way in improving search rankings and traffic.  For one of our clients with a large, dynamic Web site, natural search sessions rose 56% within weeks after our Copywriting Guide and Natural Search Project Plan went into effect for 35+ employees involved in updating the site.

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