Super Bowl 50 Ads: Showcasing the Power of Paid, Owned, Earned Integration

Super Bowl advertising is perhaps the best case study in integrating paid, owned and earned media to amplify brand messages. This year, Super Bowl advertisers shelled out $5 million per thirty-second spot. But those thirty seconds were only the tip of the iceberg, just part of a holistic paid-owned-earned (POE) Super Bowl effort for brands involved.

Paid + Owned

Virtually every Super Bowl advertiser followed up their paid commercial with an owned content strategy, often with Twitter at the center. Mountain Dew led the way here, posting tons of GIFs of “Puppy Monkey Baby” after its buzz-worthy commercial aired:



SB 1


Brands like Toyota and TurboTax also got in the game by leveraging their owned social channels to extend the buzz of their ads:


SB 2


Furthermore, this was the first year of Google-Twitter integration, where Google leverages Twitter’s Firehose data stream to display tweets on the Google search engine results page, in real-time. This gave Super Bowl brands the power to amplify their owned Twitter content, in real-time, across a much larger audience base (Google). To illustrate this in action, check out the Google mobile search results for the “Marmot” keyword after its ad aired:


SB 3


This highly-visible mobile search real estate, stemming from Google’s integration of owned Twitter content, was particularly powerful for advertisers like Marmot. Not only is Marmot engaging people on Twitter, but it’s also front-and-center on Google (“Marmot” was one of the few Super Bowl advertiser brand keywords, along with “Cloverfield Lane,” “Audi R8,” “Puppy Monkey Baby,” “Independence Day” and “Death Wish Coffee” that broke into Google’s top 20 searches during or directly after the game):



SB 4


Another owned content phenomena included brands leveraging other brands’ commercials, in real-time, to capitalize on buzz. Doritos led the way in this regard, commenting on the Skittles Steven Tyler spot, while Jeep reminisced on the outdoors with Marmot:


SB 5


Paid + Owned + Earned

And then, to complete the POE trilogy, there was the earned integration. Notably, Toyota encouraged people to cheer on the Prius 4 chase by using #GoPriusGo; user tweets then appeared within the Prius ad:


SB 6


Encouraging users to engage with their ads helped many Super Bowl advertisers (including Prius, Mountain Dew and Budweiser) break into the top Twitter trends during and after the game:


SB 7


And who can forget the completely earned (?) Peyton Manning “Budweiser” mentions? When asked post-game by CBS—twice—if he was going to retire, Manning commented that, for now, he’d just “drink a lot of Budweiser tonight.” Apex MG Analytics estimated that the two Manning “Budweiser” mentions were worth $3.6 million in brand recognition value. Although Manning sounded like a NASCAR driver crediting his victory to his sponsors, Budweiser’s Head of Communications later tweeted that the Manning mentions were completely earned:


SB 8


So there you have it, Budweiser clearly won the Super Bowl.



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