Synching Digital Campaigns with TV Ads

Post by Caterina Merenda, Marketing Specialist, Content

People are not only watching shows and movies on multiple devices, but also using second screens more frequently.  Research shows that, while watching TV, viewers are leveraging their smartphones/tablets to check email, shop, text message, tweet and more. According to eMarketer, only 8% of the total Internet population watches TV without using any other device simultaneously. In fact, the majority of users watching TV are browsing the web at the same time:

tv chart

As consumers interact with multiple devices while watching TV, advertisers have the opportunity to engage them—on multiple fronts—with synchronized messages.  An example of this would be synching TV commercials with paid search ads.

To illustrate, a Performics client recently ran TV commercials during a high-profile live event. To amplify the ads—and capture/convert demand generated—we aligned the TV creative with social media and search creative. Paid search copy that incorporated the TV themes performed at a 130+% higher click-through rate (CTR) vs. standard copy.  This proved that people who searched for the brand after seeing the TV ad were more engaged by messages aligned to the ad.

Furthermore, advertisers can utilize platforms like TVTY to align paid search bid strategies to live TV commercials.  One advanced strategy is to bid-up in paid search when your competitors’ ads air, capturing share of voice for people who search for those competitors’ brands after seeing their TV ads.

Considering consumer TV-viewing habits, all advertising campaigns should now be coordinated across channels and devices.

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