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Posted by Megan Halscheid, Director, Performance Innovation

1. Facebook Timeline for Brands

Today, Facebook announced Timeline for Brand pages.  Brands have from now until March 30th to customize their pages based on the new layout. On March 30th, all pages will be upgraded to the new Timeline layout.

Here are some of the new features of Brand Timelines:

  • Design Overhaul: Brands now have the opportunity to make a statement with the new page cover photo and how they want their brands reflected on Facebook.  Some example pages Facebook highlighted at its Marketers Conference were Redbull, Nike, Ben & Jerry's, American Express and Starbucks.
  • Tab Prioritization: The new layout will allow brands to highlight specific tabs, but other tabs will be more hidden and only shown below the fold.  Brands will have to decide which tabs are most important to their marketing efforts to display above the fold.
  • No Default Landing Page: All users will be directed to the main page, rather than brands having the ability to direct users to specific tabs. However, brands will still be able to direct users to specific tabs through Facebook Ads.  
  • Post Pinning: Brands will now have the ability to pin key posts to the top of their pages for up to seven days, making it much easier to highlight important posts for a longer period of time.  This will help make up for the fact that brands won't be able to direct users to specific tabs within a page.
  • Private Messages Available between Brands and Users: Brands will also be able to privately message fans, meaning that Facebook can be used more powerfully as a customer service tool.

Facebook also provided a clear overview of the new layout features. And, see here for more information on managing Facebook pages with the new layout.

2.  Facebook Offers

Brands can create Facebook Offers like any other Page Post. Currently, Offers are in beta, but will be available to all brands in March.  These Offers can be currently promoted through Facebook Premium buys (CPM) to increase their visibility. 

Facebook Offers is a good opportunity for many retail brands and may be very effective in promoting conversions and generating new-to-file customers. 

You may have seen Offers being tested on Facebook over the past few months.  Below is an example of a Facebook offer from Macy’s:

Facebook ads 1

3. Reach-Generator (Includes Mobile and Logout Ads) 

The Reach Generator is a packaged “always-on” advertising solution available through Facebook Premium Ad buys. The goal of the Reach Generator is to ensure that your brand reaches the majority of Fans with Posts or Offers.  Facebook has stated that the Reach Generator increased exposure for a Page Post from 16 percent to over 75 percent of the brand’s fans within a one-month period.

The Reach Generator is directed to a brand’s Fan Base to ensure that the brand Page Posts are getting optimal exposure within the brand’s audience. This ad solution is based on a monthly fee rather than CPM or CPC pricing.

Page Posts are distributed through the following five methods with the Reach Generator: 

  • The standard Page Post
  • Premium Ad in the right-hand rail
  • Premium Ad in the News Feed on Facebook.com
  • Premium Ad in the News Feed on mobile devices
  • When a Fan logs out of Facebook

Facebook ads 2

Please note that Premium buys may also include any of the distribution below; the distribution is just not guaranteed as it is through the Reach-Generator buy.  More details will emerge on this in the coming weeks.

4. Real-Time Page Insights

Page insights are important for advertisers that rely on page metrics to justify their Facebook investments.  Page insights will now be available real-time, rather than on a 48-hour delay.   See here for more information on the exact Page Insights available to brands.

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