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According to ZenithOptimedia’s latest Advertising Expenditure Forecast, mobile and video are taking over the advertising game in 2015. And Facebook just announced—at its F8 developer conference—that it’s expanding the capabilities of its LiveRail SSP (supply-side platform), an online video advertising management platform acquired last year.

LiveRail helps serve targeted video ads against content on a brand’s page by connecting advertisers and publishers. Facebook is now expanding LiveRail’s offerings to in-app mobile ads, which—here’s the major update—will now support native and banner ad formats.

What’s the Scoop?

Mobile apps are here to stay. In fact, 52% of U.S. Internet usage is now spent on mobile apps. Facebook is looking to control more of the advertising space and brands need an efficient and intelligent way to advertise on mobile without disrupting user experience.

For a select group of brands, Facebook’s LiveRail is kicking off to support traditional video, native, interstitial and banner ad formats to ensure that app experience isn’t compromised by paid ad efforts. With access to Facebook’s anonymized user data and its Audience Network of over 2 million advertisers, LiveRail is in a unique position to allow advertisers to accurately target and drive incremental return on investment. Together, LiveRail and Facebook could rival monetized advertising solutions such as Google’s DoubleClick and Twitter’s MoPub.

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Facebook v. Google

Google is still the digital advertising giant, but Facebook is sitting on some of the world’s most valuable user data. Google predicts relevant content based off of a complex algorithm. Facebook knows if content is relevant based on user action.

The expansion of LiveRail’s capabilities is an exciting new mobile ad solution for advertisers. Facebook’s analytics, advanced targeting and data positions it as a huge competitor to Google. Advertisers need the data that Facebook provides and the efficient programmatic buying that LiveRail offers.

Facebook Isn’t Stopping the Momentum with LiveRail

Sources like Business Insider and TechCrunch are buzzing about Facebook’s next deal—having online publishers, such as The New York Times and Buzzfeed, publish content directly to its platform. Users will then only need to simply open their Facebook apps to get the latest news and entertainment from their favorite news sources. If this deal goes through, expect time spent on Facebook’s mobile app to increase significantly.

While Facebook’s mobile app is already the leader in time spent on apps by U.S. smartphone owners, Google is close on its heels with its YouTube app (Forrester Research, 2015). Direct content from publishers like Buzzfeed and The New York Times will help further the gap and solidify Facebook as a leader in the mobile app space.


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