The Benefits of Paid Search Click Attribution

Posted by Jenna Sheeran, Account Director

Advertisers should be looking at paid search click data beyond the last click.  Here are a few ways that paid search click attribution (i.e. ClickStream) enables optimal paid search performance:

Understanding how the Content Network and Facebook Affect Paid Search

ClickStream gives marketers the ability to understand how other paid search channels like the Content Network and Facebook cost-per-click (CPC) ads directly affect a paid search program.  At Performics, we have seen that running Facebook or Content Network campaigns jointly with paid search increases the number of conversions/leads from the program’s paid search campaign.  These conversions/leads are originating in Facebook and Content.  By utilizing ClickStream data, we are able to manage the Content and Facebook campaigns in a more detailed manner by adjusting those programs based on the impact they are having on the regular paid search program.

More Efficiently Manage Paid Search

ClickStream also allows marketers to more efficiently push their paid search program.  At Performics, we push paid search programs at specific periods of the year when additional volume is needed.  Historically, we push on all the keywords within the campaign area.  But analyzing ClickStream data allows us to uncover if higher funnel paid search terms are really working.  If there are keywords in a specific area that result in no direct and indirect paid search conversions/leads, then we can save budget on those keywords and push harder in areas that we know from ClickStream data are driving indirect responses.  Thus, ClickStream data allows us to push more efficiently in areas that result in responses, both direct and indirect.  This eliminates any guesswork and tells us exactly what the most effective keywords are. 

Because of these benefits and the ability to achieve a holistic vision of a program, click attribution should be part of any paid search program.

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