The Effectiveness of Yahoo! SSP Paid Inclusion

Posted by Jen Hyla, Program Manager (Natural Search)

Yahoo! SSP Paid Inclusion guarantees inclusion into Yahoo!’s natural search results, but does not ensure first page rankings.  However, the ability to quickly track, test and refresh search engine page title and description text allows SSP feeds to be optimized on a weekly (or even daily) basis.  If you’re not using SSP, you’ll have to wait for the Yahoo! natural search spider to come and crawl your site once you make on-site changes meant to boost your search rankings.  If you use SSP, the Yahoo! natural search spiders bypass the pages that you’ve submitted in your SSP feed.  Your SSP feeds are refreshed on the Yahoo! search results page within 72 hours of submission.

Title and description text testing and optimization can result in large increases in click-through from the Yahoo! natural search results page.  Promotions, along with seasonal language, can be highlighted in order to get more visitors to your site.  SSP Quick Links (directional links under the search engine page description text) are another great way to drive additional click-through.  Quick Links help searchers efficiently find which part of the company’s Web site they are looking for. 

Quick Links can also highlight promotions or popular products.  For instance, a searcher on Yahoo! may be looking for a new cell phone with the query “cell phones.”  They find a wireless company selling a variety of phones that has an SSP listing highlighting a cell phone being promoted with a Quick Link.  The searcher can then go directly from the Yahoo! search results page to the landing page of the promotion through the Quick Link.

For example, a large e-commerce site started a Yahoo! SSP program with the goal of being more prominent on the first page of Yahoo! search results, as well as improving click-through.  Through continual testing, tracking and optimization, Performics was able to get 92% of the client’s SSP keywords on the first page of natural results on Yahoo! within 9 months.  55% of the keywords attained a top 3 ranking, 33% at #1. 

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