The Holiday Season is almost Here! Are you Delivering Content that Drives High Conversions?

Please join us for a Webinar on How to Improve Conversion Rates with Relevant Content  
Thursday, August 27, 2009

2:00PM Eastern/1:00PM Central

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All attendees will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE Landing Page Analysis.


Matt Miller, Director, Vertical Solutions, and Julia Cardis, Senior Manager, Conversion Optimization, will share strategies on how to develop effective landing pages to capture more consumers, sales and leads during the 2009 holiday season. Matt and Julia will help Stanley’s Sweaters, a fictitious online pet supply retailer, craft landing pages for their most popular holiday segment – dog toys – in an effort to connect and convert potential consumers into buyers.


In this webinar, you and Stanley’s Sweaters will learn:

·         Four critical questions that landing pages must address

·         What makes a “good” landing page?

·         Benefits of effective landing pages

·         Important user experience strategies

·         Different approaches to landing page testing


Stanley and his team are already hard at work to prepare for the holiday season – are you?



Join us this month and through the end of 2009 for our monthly webinar series as we take Stanley’s Sweaters through the entire holiday sales process, including holiday planning, search engine optimization, landing page optimization, paid search optimization, competitive analyses, bid/budget management and paid inclusion. 

Performics’ Holiday Retail Strategy Webinar Series

ü  June: Online Holiday Retail 2009: Tips, Tactics and Timelines for Success

ü  July: Web Site Weightlifting: Increasing Visibility Through Content Optimization (SEO)

·     Aug: Web Site Weightlifting: Improving Conversion Rates with Relevant Content (LPO)

·     Sept: Paid Search Sub Series: Organizing PPC Campaigns to Manage Holiday Promotions

·     Oct: Paid Search Sub Series: Creating Relevant Offers in a Competitive Marketplace

·     Nov: Last Minute Tips to Save the Holiday Season: Holiday Checklist, Paid Inclusion and Setting up Bids and Budgets for the Holiday Rush

·     Dec: Managing the After Holiday Rush: Merchandising – How to Clear Out Your Excess Holiday Inventory

·     Jan: Holiday Wrap Up: Review and Plan for 2010

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