The Key to Creating Better Performing Banner Ads

Post by Caterina Merenda, Marketing Specialist, with insights from Marissa de Leon, Senior Web Designer

Within our Performance Content team are a group of designers that specialize in creating and testing variations of banners to determine which ads best align with consumer intent. Researched information helps our designers to build out a design that would meet the needs of the consumer.

With in-depth insights from our design team, we have compiled a list of specific tips to help increase the performance of banner ads:

  • Test buying ads at CPC and CPM: Depending on your brand and goals, you may want to test buying ads at CPC rather than CPM. By buying at CPC, brands have the opportunity to gain impressions even if the majority of users aren’t clicking through.
  • Make ads dynamic: These types of banner ads don’t just involve moving images, but they also include visually stimulating content. With region-specific text, visual imagery, and content that creates a sense of urgency for the consumer (i.e. “only 5 left!”), users are more likely to engage with the ad.
  • Continue to optimize: The ad should have some type of call-to-action to draw in users as well as a link leading to the landing page.
  • Reach the right consumer at the right time: Learn about your consumer, just as you would for any type of other ad campaign. Reaching the ideal audience is key.
  • Take the opportunity to test different variations of banner ads: Our designers create tests with variations of messaging, button placement, calls-to-action, colors, and design to determine what works best. By testing multiple variations, it helps to discover the banner that resonates most with the intended target audience. With this information, there’s a better understanding of what it is about the ad that clicks with the consumer.
  • Keep it simple and clean: When we create banner ads, we stray away from overwhelming the consumer by keeping the messaging and design simple. If the ads are targeted based on intent, the consumer will likely be interested without an overwhelming presence of text.
  • Keep everything aligned: The consumer needs to be drawn to purchase after they click through to a website from an ad. Our designers align the client’s page to match what the consumer is looking for. One of the questions we ask is, “how did the banner ad engage the consumer?” We use similar strategies to engage them within the landing page, as well.

We’ve noticed that not all brands benefit from display banner ads—depending on the content, context and product/service. This is why we test out display ads and see if they work for our clients’ brands; and if they don’t, there are other means of advertising that will grab consumers’ attention.


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