The Mobile Experience: Deep Linking

Posted by Shreyas Gosalia, Associate Director, Product Development Depending on your strategy, a mobile app may or may not be right for you. If you do have an app, you will soon find that one of the most challenging aspects of mobile is driving engagement. It is, however, a necessity as you can provide a much more enriching experience than you can on your mobile site alone. The mobile app allows you the functionality to immerse your participants into an experience that is consistent throughout all extensions of your company. So how can you drive higher engagement? One unique method is deep linking. While it has been around for some time, it is not very prevalent in apps today. Take for instance LinkedIn in the screenshots below. mobile deep link 1 Here you can see that from clicking through in my email, it opens the mobile web version of the site. This works as long as you have a mobile optimized site; however, LinkedIn now faces resistance in acquiring my conversion as I have to log in, wait for loading, enter my payment info, etc. mobile deep link 2 In this set of screenshots, the link originated from Twitter. Again, there is no option for opening the link with the app installed on my phone. The landing page is optimized for mobile, but it runs into the same issue as prior where the user would need to log in to consume more content and engage with the site further. One of the current methods of implementing deep links is through Google’s mobile app indexing on search. You can learn more about the setup here. As you can see in the screenshot below, after a user who searched for “The Wolf of Wall Street movie” clicks on the IMDb link, he has the option to open the link in the app. mobile deep link 3 The user is now fully immersed in the IMDb experience and has access to benefits unavailable on the mobile site. This also allows IMDb the opportunity to provide offline content for the participant to continue to stay engaged. The participant experience is critical to the success of your mobile strategies. At Performics, we’ve developed a participant-centered approach to developing mobile strategies. Are you ready to begin maximizing mobile revenue potential? Reach out to your client team, or contact us here, for more information on the Mobility Experience Optimization (MEO) and how to get started.

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