The Music Participation Revolution

Posted by Lola Olateju, Content Marketing Specialist

All industries have moved into the participation age — even music. In her most recent blog post, Performics’ Global CEO Daina Middleton says “we are no longer satisfied with music as a static process.” Have we not seen this reflected in our own day to day decisions of acquiring music, then sharing the content with a friend, and writing comments on the artist’s YouTube wall (or even making our own version of it with singing cats)? The music industry struggles with the Age of Participation, as Middleton states, “fighting to control and manage distribution.” However, if the music industry embraced this new process as an unparalleled opportunity, it can truly “amplify” their music beyond 11. Simply put, music lovers no longer only consume music; we desire to participate in its creation alongside our favorite artist. All we can do is sing with Rihanna to “please don’t stop the music.” Read Daina Middleton’s full thoughts on music in the Age of Participation here: The Music Participation Revolution and the End of Patience.

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