The New and Improved Yahoo! Content Match

Posted by Erica Beck, Search Analyst (Paid Search)

Yahoo! announced the new and improved content match in October 2008.  Although the interface has not changed, the technology behind it has improved dramatically. According to the Yahoo! Blog, “The new technology not only attempts to understand what the content is on a page, but also, who is viewing it, which helps you get your ad in front of the right customer. Content Match now combines a better understanding of web page and ad content with insights from users’ geographic and behavioral profiles.”

How Does This Affect YOUR Programs?

1. Improve relevancy of searches and the ads that they are served 

2. As a result of improved relevancy advertisers should also see a significant boost in click-through rate

3. Yahoo! Content Network has also been expanded for increased reach for advertisers

Yahoo! also offers a premium option that enables advertisers to be featured on branded, high converting sites within Yahoo!’s Premium Run-of Network. 

A Few Things to Consider

As of April 2008, Y! has been slowly migrating Content Match traffic onto the brand new platform. Over the next few months you can expect: enhanced system stability, improved relevancy, due to more complex matching, increased reach on tail terms, possible increases in CTR (up to 60%). Yahoo Content is still not API compliant. We are waiting on roadmap timeline and will share at that time; there is a current work-around.

Many advertisers did not have much luck with the original Yahoo! content network.  Even if you did try the old content network, we suggest testing a few high value/traffic keywords in the new network.  In our experience, impressions in the Yahoo! content network are significantly lower than in the Google content network, which is consistent with Google and Yahoo! search programs.  However, CPCs are considerably lower in the Yahoo! content network than the Google content network.  Obviously results will vary depending on the type of vertical and other factors.  Why not give it a try?

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