The Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Applications

Posted by Micheline Sabatté, Product Marketing Manager (Emerging Media & Digital Consulting)


  1. Create applications that enhance social relationships (i.e., social gaming, sending gifts, communicating information and sharing videos/photos, etc.)
  2. Create applications that encourage friendly competition with “bragging rights”
  3. Allow the application to be shared with friends organically
  4. Provide non-intrusive, branded calls to action within the application (i.e., download here, visit our Web site, etc.)
  5. Support the roll-out of a new application with advertising for accelerated adoption and viral growth


  1. Use the application as a vehicle for spamming offers or promotions
  2. Create unnecessary requirements to install the application
  3. Build an application simply around the idea of enabling your products or services to be purchased—direct sales should not be the sole focus
  4. Launch and leave. Instead, the adoption of the application must be supported by on-going, integrated marketing efforts
  5. Violate copyright or trademark rules (i.e., Scrabulous taken off Facebook after lawsuit by Hasbro, owner of Scrabble)

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