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The Performics Weekly Digital Digest provides a recap of this week’s latest digital news. The news covered each week may vary, due to new trends and hot topics continuously emerging. United States Industry Insights Digital Trends

  • Mary Meeker: Internet Trends D11 Conference
    • Meeker said people now share 500 million photos daily and this number could double year-over-year.
    • There are 100 hours per minute of video uploaded to YouTube.
    • Global mobile traffic as a percentage of global Internet traffic continues to grow 1.5-times per year.
    • The next “big” trend will bring on wearable, driveable, flyables, and scannable devices. All this would not be possible without the advancements made by electronics hardware companies like Freescale, Intel, and others.

Channel Insights Attribution

  • eMarketer: Retailers Use Attribution Modeling to Measure the Touchpoints Driving Sales
    • Only 26% of companies worldwide used advanced forms of marketing attribution—ones that go beyond simple last-click analysis.
    • 28% of marketers worldwide indicated that measuring attribution across channels is an important analytic objective in 2013.
    • Attribution modeling can also serve tactical purposes by aiding retailers in optimizing their marketing efforts.
    • For example, it can provide guidance on which keywords to bid on during a campaign—and when to back off of paid search.


  • Experian Hitwise: Americans spend 58 minutes a day on their smartphones
    • On average, smartphone owners devote 26% of the time they spend on their phone talking and another 20% texting.
    •  Social networking eats up 16% of smartphone time while browsing the mobile web accounts for 14% of time spent.
    • Emailing and playing games account for roughly 9% and 8% of daily smartphone time, respectively, while use of the phone’s camera and GPS each take up another 2% of our smartphone day.
    • Those who do watch video on their phone spend, on average, 5 minutes a day watching videos spread out over 4.2 different viewing sessions.
  • eMarketer: US Tablet Users: 2013 Forecast and Comparative Estimates
    • This year, Hispanics will have the highest tablet user penetration rate (52.3%) as a percentage of US internet users in each group.
    • Adults ages 25 to 54 will be the core US tablet audience, representing 58% of total users.
    • The US tablet audience will be 51.6% male and 48.4% female in 2013.
    • Performics employees can read the full report here.


  • MediaPost: Social Media Driving Mobile Video Discovery
    • 41% of mobile video watchers say they are discovering new streaming media from the traditional search engines.
    • Many more users — 64% — are finding their video from video apps themselves. But the largest number of users — 67% — are getting wind of new video from social recommendations.
    • 78 million mobile device owners in the U.S. — or 35% of mobile audiences — are watching video on their devices.
    • Users 18 to 44 are three times more likely to watch mobile video.


  • MediaPost: Search Engine Blekko Borrows Tablet Format For Desktop
    • The search engine evolved from a curated list of slashtags to a visually pleasing site organized by categories.
    • Tabs toggle searchers looking for content between Web, Video and Images. Users have a variety of filtering options, depending on the search term or query.
    • The back-end technology relies on the ROCKZi social application programming interface built to support segmenting content in categories.
    • The new layout also supports more results on one page.
    • Blekko experimented with paid-search ads on the prior site, but the new site doesn’t offer the service yet.


  • AdAge: Twitter Prepping Ad-Retargeting Exchange to Rival Facebook’s
    • is planning to erect an exchange similar to FBX that would let brands retarget people who visit their sites with ads on Twitter
    • Twitter would also like brands to buy directly on the exchange and has reached out to at least one, a multichannel retailer, per an executive familiar with the matter.
    • With an exchange, Twitter would benefit from advertiser’s growing adoption of display retargeting and, more broadly, the practice of buying online advertising through exchanges via automated real-time auctions.

Demographic Insights Tweens

  • MediaPost: Tween Girls Susceptible To Mobile Advertising
    • 65% of girls surveyed said they are likely to buy products and services straight from mobile ads if there is a means to do so.
    • 22% of respondents said they always tap on ads they see in mobile apps — regardless of whether they’re interested in the featured product or service.
    • 56% of girls said they reserve their taps for ads featuring products or services that actually interest them.
    • The majority of female tweens (53%) said they share “cool” products or services with friends.
    • As for most desired categories, 48% of respondents favored fashion-related ads, followed by makeup products (21%); toys (12%), apps (11%); and books (8%).

Global Insights EMEA

  • eMarketer: UK Affluents Are a Savvy, Engaged Digital Demographic
    • Affluents spent an average 21 hours per week using the internet in 2012.
    • 81% of internet users say that online reviews help them with purchase decisions.
    • Brands that can create a feeling of quality and exclusivity in their digital efforts stand to gain an early mover advantage in appealing to this very lucrative, yet underserved, demographic market.

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