The World is Ending and Instagram is Selling Your Pictures?

This morning there were two reasons why you thought the world was ending. First, a shared concern for the Mayan based theory; second, apprehensive thoughts over canceling your Instagram account. You may push aside your fears. Instagram, who vehemently denied any change in policy concerning ownership rights, is reviewing and will make changes to their policy based on concerns voiced by their users. Over the last few days, outcries poured over many of our timelines and updates after their initial policy change, and even some individuals prematurely shut down their accounts.

Twitter comment
A sigh of relief was heard when co-founder Kevin Systrom posted this response on the Instagram blog:

Instagram change

You can read the full entry here.

What does this mean for your Instagram account? How do you think Instagram will recover from this public relations disaster? We welcome your participation below.

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