Three Reasons to Attend Today’s “Becoming a Nurturist” Talk

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April 5, 2013
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Three Reasons to Attend Today’s “Becoming a Nurturist” Talk

We are in the swing of things at ad:tech San Francisco. It got me thinking, what’s the problem with conferences these days? Simply put, too many choices. Don’t worry, I’m making it simple for you. Attend today’s Think Tank Keynote “Becoming a Nurturist in the Age of Participation” by Daina Middleton, Performics Global CEO at 12 noon. You can thank me later. Here are three simple reasons why I think attending this talk is your best ad:tech decision:

  1. Industry Insight: In the fall 2011 IBM CMO Study, they said “CMOs in the most successful enterprises are focusing on relationships, not just transactions. They are using data to stimulate interest in their organizations’ offering and form bonds with customers.” If you haven’t figured out how to focus on customer relationships, then Middleton’s talk is a must-see. She will shed insights on how to maintain a customer-focused lens through the Participation Way framework.
  2. Brands and participants are created equal:  Not just because Middleton says so, but because the market does. In a recent Ad Age article, they shared that shifting to “customer centricity” can improve margins 10% to 15%. As a brand, are you stuck in the old ways of “persuasion messaging? Learn how to create pathways for your participants to access you, stand on equal footing with them, and respond to their desire to connect with you at the “Nurturist” Think Tank.
  3. Be a Future Marketer: Seeking inspiration on how to shape the next steps of your marketing agenda? You will find your inspiration at Daina’s Think Tank. Middleton will share how the key ingredients of innovation, invention and a fearless attitude will mix your way into marketing success.

Daina’s new book, Marketing in the Participation Age: A Guide to Motivating People to Join, Share, Take Part, Connect, and Engage, is available at the ad:tech bookstore.  Don’t miss the opportunity to visit with Daina and have her sign your copy at the book signing immediately following her talk. Daina M book signing Daina Middleton regularly shares participation insights on her blog at, and her book is available online at and

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