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Posted by Dan Hanson, Account Manager

It’s not uncommon to find yourself the proud new owner of an outdated, inefficient paid search program.  Dated structures often include a variety of non-related terms organized into one or several campaigns.  As a result, campaigns tend to cap out early in the day, limiting coverage.  This is especially common among smaller accounts with budgetary constraints.

To combat this, Performics recommends isolating top performing keywords into separate campaigns, allowing for more efficient bid/budget management.  Taking this one step further, it can be beneficial to create two identical campaigns, one for exact match terms and one for broad match terms.

Utilizing match types is essential to running a successful and efficient search program.  Exact match campaigns should receive a higher percentage of budget, promoting more relevant traffic and ultimately increased efficiency.  Broad match campaigns should receive a smaller percentage of budget to avoid irrelevant traffic and click charges (although broad match traffic is still valuable as it creates awareness).  Separating keywords into individual campaigns also provides more granular organization, making copy more relevant.

In addition, Performics recommends building variations of top performing keywords on a regular basis.  This is beneficial for the same reasons to increase relevancy, efficiency and coverage.

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