TREND: Video Chat—for Brands

With Google+ Hangouts and Skype for Facebook, the world is becoming more connected than ever. While currently available simply for social purposes, the new technologies hold many opportunities for companies and brands.  With so many customers liking/following brands, imagine how video could efficiently improve the customer service experience. 

Facebook Skype

In the near future, a customer could visit a brand’s Facebook or Google + page to:

  • Connect with customer service via video quickly about an issue
  • View interactive product demonstrations
  • Receive assistance via video for setting up products and troubleshooting problems
  • Meet with a sales team face-to-face for advice

Innovations like these could soon unfold as Dell sparked the conversation, publically stating its desire to use Google+ Hangouts for customer service purposes.  Keep an eye out as these technologies become available, so you can adapt your customer service strategies to better meet customer needs.   

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