Tweets and Status Updates to be Integrated into the Bing, Google SERPs

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October 27, 2009
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October 30, 2009

Tweets and Status Updates to be Integrated into the Bing, Google SERPs

Posted by Megan Halscheid, Product Manager

Both Google and Bing have reached deals with Twitter to integrate tweets into the SERPs. Bing has rolled out a beta real-time Twitter search at Google is set to roll out their product in the coming weeks. This deal allows Google and Bing direct access to Twitter’s real-time data stream to satisfy user queries on hot topics. Bing has also reached a separate deal with Facebook to integrate status updates into the SERP.

The fact that Google and Bing are both incorporating tweets into their search results shows the importance/value the search engines put on content generated through social sites. The goal of the search engines is to connect consumers with sites that satisfy their needs. Social and other emerging mediums satisfy user needs in unique new ways. Therefore, social sites need to be increasingly incorporated into the search results pages.

Twitter/Facebook integration allows the search engines to serve more real-time social content than they were previously able to serve. Often, a search topic will get hot and the major engines will not yet have indexed the latest information. Integrating user-generated content into the SERP solves this problem, thus improving the consumer experience on the engines.

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