Twitter Expands in Mobile with New MoPub Mobile App Install: Opportunities for Advertisers

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April 25, 2014
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May 1, 2014

Twitter Expands in Mobile with New MoPub Mobile App Install: Opportunities for Advertisers

Twitter just unveiled its next big breakthrough in mobile advertising: Mobile App Install Ads.  Appearing on users’ timelines with a “Download” button, this new offering promotes direct mobile app downloads from Google Play and Apple’s app store.  With Mobile App Install Ads, advertisers will now be able to serve rich native ads that combine the best features of Twitter Cards and Promoted Tweets. ScreenHunter_01 Apr. 28 11.48 Advertisers have expected a new mobile release from Twitter since September when the social platform acquired MoPub, a mobile ad exchange.  Twitter is looking to increase its presence in mobile as it fell short in the global mobile ad marketplace last year, making up only 2.4% of total mobile ad sales. FIVE OPPORTUNITIES for ADVERTISERS LEVERAGING MOBILE INSTALL ADS

  1. Engagement This visually rich ad offering encourages both on-Twitter and off-Twitter app engagement using Twitter and MoPub’s mobile app promotion suiteThis is a huge opportunity for advertisers as an estimated 1.26 billion people worldwide used mobile apps in 2013, and this number is expected to increase by 30% in 2014.
  2. Larger Audience Pool Advertisers now have access to 241 million Twitter members and the 1 billion mobile devices MoPub reaches. The MoPub Marketplace comprises of more than 1 billion unique devices and handles more than 130 billion ad requests each month, making it one of the largest mobile ad exchanges in the world.
  3. Better Targeting Mobile Install Apps combine Twitter Card and Promoted Tweets to enable advertisers to create rich native ads in combination with a fully developed targeting, creative and measurement suite to effectively promote and optimize mobile apps.
  4. Direct Response Opportunity Mobile App Install Ads continue Twitter’s push towards more direct response advertising (see also, Twitter’s recent Click-to-Call launch).  Mobile App Install Ads feature a clear “Download” button to foster a direct conversion (download) as opposed to other Twitter advertising, which is centered on branding.
  5. Still also a Brand Awareness Play In addition to direct response, Mobile App Install Ads provide advertisers with branding opportunities, such as visibility for brands within users’ timelines, whether they download the brand’s app or not.

App discovery continues to be a priority for app developers and advertisers.  Recent Twitter offerings mirror Facebook’s advances as Mobile App Install Ads are the most popular Facebook mobile ad unit, capturing 74% of mobile ad spend (Nanigans Q1 2014 Facebook Advertising Trends Report).  Google is also making a push with app installs with new app advertising opportunities rolling out in AdWords. With a developed targeting suite and large audience pool, Twitter advertisers can expect higher engagement and download rates from the new rich Mobile App Install Ads.  Early beta partners, including SpotifyHotelTonightKabam and Deezer have reported promising results from initial tests.  We think the Mobile App Install Ads will help advertisers create engaging user experiences on Twitter, leading to high ROI. For more info on Twitter Mobile App Install Ads, please contact Performics today.

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