Twitter Trend Optimization – How Social Signals Effect the SERP

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March 26, 2013
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April 4, 2013

Twitter Trend Optimization – How Social Signals Effect the SERP

Posted by Jennifer Hyla, Director, SEO Using social media, specifically Twitter, Performics is able to improve SERP visibility for targeted keywords for our clients’ programs. Initially trending keywords are identified through our Twitter Trend Optimization offering. We use the keywords to create relevant conversations to drive Twitter referral traffic and hopefully increase the SERP ranking of our client’s keyword. With participants using their mobile device within five minutes of waking, and 74% of recently surveyed participants using their mobile devices to log in to social networks on a daily basis, we value the importance of social media. Social media and Tweeting specifically, is something all of our clients should be participating in. At Performics, we take Tweeting one step further and identify the targeted keyword of our client’s Tweet and the landing page that should be included in the Tweet to drive traffic back to our client’s site. Other recommendations we have around Tweeting include; using a call to action, and Tweeting 3 to 4 times a week using the targeted keyword and mapped landing page. Performics’ ability to identify trending keywords within Twitter, that are specifically tied to our client’s SEO programs, allows us to make informed decisions on what keywords and landing pages to go after. We use our client’s current rank for a keyword, Twitter volume of that specific keyword and 7 day average % change in traffic to identify the best keyword any given week. The success we have seen through these efforts range from increased keyword ranking, in some cases double digit increases in ranking, increased traffic and increased conversion on the client’s site. Performics continues to see long term benefits and improvements to both both SEO efforts and social efforts for our clients.

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