Two Key Takeaways from LeadsCon 2013

Posted by James McGinn, Account Manager I recently had the pleasure of attending LeadsCon 2013 in Las Vegas. LeadsCon is the premier event of the Lead Generation industry, featuring vendors and technology partners in the insurance, health care, education, and financial services markets. It was a great opportunity to meet with existing and potential vendors, keep up to date on the current landscape and latest trends for lead generation. I left with two main points that were consistently touched on from speaker to speaker: the rise of mobile/call lead gen, and the need for better transparency and truthfulness among lead generators. 1) Mobile lead generation: It’s not going away One of the sessions I attended focused on how to effectively use call programs to generate leads in the insurance industry. The panel discussion centered on the various ways insurance companies are using “Call Marketing Automation” to bring in potential new customers. Call Marketing Automation is the cycle of attracting, qualifying, converting, and analyzing each lead in the process, all in a seamless automatic fashion. An interesting panel discussion arose in one of the mobile sessions. It focused on the fact that in Europe and many foreign markets, lead generation never happens on the phone, but rather only online. A panelist responded that in the US market, it is foolish to ignore phone traffic, as over half of the insurance policies they closed directly, happened via phone. That is a big portion of potential customers the Europeans are missing out on! I lean towards this sentiment, and as smart phone adoption continues to rise, the conversion rates will only improve as companies develop mobile apps that convert alongside their call center counterparts. Another compelling conference anecdote about mobile: just 5 years ago – when the conference began, there was not a single session devoted to mobile; this year, there was an entire half day track dedicated to the mobile platform! 2) Better transparency needed in the Lead Gen industry Poor quality leads, generated by scammers looking to make a quick buck, have notoriously hampered the lead generation space. Because the industry relies so heavily on affiliates and third party site owners, there are many opportunities to pass off bad information to unsuspecting lead buyers. This has led to several companies sprouting up whose sole purpose is to evaluate leads before they are purchased. These companies understand the importance of getting rid of the scammers before it cripples the industry even further. One company has even gone so far as to develop a whole grass-roots campaign around that need for honesty and transparency with the #OrangeKicks movement. LeadiD encourages honest partners, buyers, sellers and agencies to wear Orange sneakers in a show of commitment to bring back confidence, clarity, and trust to lead generation. Over 300 people at the conference participated in the movement, showing their support for change. At times, it became quite comical to see men dressed in full business attire from head to ankle, but with neon orange tennis shoes on their feet. Not the most stylish of movements, but certainly attention grabbing!  {Link to:} Overall, LeadsCon 2013 was an eye-opening experience for me. Besides all the walking (wow, my feet hurt), I was able to learn more about where lead generation is headed in the future, and how we can help our clients find innovative ways to diversify their customer base. I look forward to returning to LeadsCon in the future.

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