Uncovering Intent through the Digital Satisfaction Index™

Post by Michael Kahn, Chief Executive Officer, Performics Worldwide & Performance Global Practice Lead, Publicis Media

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I wanted to share an exciting update on the Performics Intent Lab™ and the results from our first wave of research.  We are starting to uncover some fascinating insights that will strengthen our ability to help our clients establish meaningful brand connections with consumers, and want to share these with you, along with some background on the Intent Lab™ and Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI).

The Intent Lab is a critical component of our 2016 Performics strategy, providing our clients with unique insights and setting us apart from our competition in the marketplace. We’re learning that for digital satisfaction, it isn’t one-size-fits-all. The ability to make meaningful and relevant connections with consumers hinges on deep understanding of audience intent, wants, needs and concerns. From geography, to age, to gender, to race/ethnicity, all users have varying intents and varying opinions on how sites/brands are meeting their needs. By more intentionally focusing on what drives consumers digital satisfaction, brand, app, platform, and website engagement can be improved.

Stay tuned for even more insights from DSI Wave 2, coming this October!

– MK

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In partnership with Northwestern University, we have created the Intent Lab™, a research unit dedicated to uncovering consumer intent. The first of our global initiatives through the Intent Lab™ is the Digital Satisfaction Index™ (DSI). The results have been compiled into a downloadable report that analyzes our research on consumer perceptions and attitudes.

Consumers in the U.S. and the U.K. were interviewed across four different verticals: Retail, Financial Services, Travel and Household Goods. And through extensive research, we discovered the four key factors that are most relevant to consumer satisfaction: Trust, Privacy, Social and Utility.


By leveraging the DSI as a marketing tool, brands can understand their consumers’ digital satisfaction. Brands can utilize our overall findings to understand how consumers feel about specific factors and verticals. To demonstrate, some of our findings revealed that:

  • Millennials are satisfied with online Privacy and they are the most comfortable with information being collected about them online. However they are the least satisfied with Utility, the usefulness of sites and apps.
  • When rated by vertical, the U.S. the Digital Satisfaction Score is highest for Financial Services and lowest for Household Goods.
  • Hispanic consumers have the lowest Trust score because they don’t always feel a direct connection with brands
  • Females have a higher Retail score indicating that Retailers are engaging female consumers more effectively than males
  • Overall, consumers are least satisfied with privacy, uncomfortable with the collection of their personal information


Understanding consumer intent is the key to creating relevant content and meaningful connections. Consumers actively seek information that will help them along in their online and offline purchasing journey. For example, 81% of smartphone users leverage their phone in-store while making a purchasing decision (Think with Google).

But, consumers don’t want to be fed information that feels intrusive and forced. Instead, they want content that’s useful and enjoyable. Through the Digital Satisfaction Index™, we have cultivated a formula and methodology to understand how consumers view content and messaging. Our scale leverages several variables to understand what is most important to consumers, and each factor is weighted based upon the value it provides.

Digital Satisfaction Index Thermometer

By utilizing data that analyzes consumer interactions, perceptions and attitudes towards online messaging and content, brands can better understand their interactions with the consumer. This allows for the ability to understand (1) the type of content their consumers want and (2) how that content should be delivered.

To learn more, download a copy of the Digital Satisfaction Index™ or contact us.

For UK stats, view our additional infographic.

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