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July 10, 2013
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Weekly Digital Digest

The Performics Weekly Digital Digest provides a recap of this week’s latest digital news. The news covered each week may vary, due to new trends and hot topics continuously emerging. United States Channel Insights Search

  • IAB: Search Ads Account for 52.8% of World’s Mobile Ad Revenue in 2012
    • Search ads brought in the majority of global revenue at 52.8%, totaling $4.7 billion worldwide.
    • Display advertising accounting for 38.7% of global mobile revenue and messaging at 8.5%.
    • North America experienced a 111% growth in mobile ad revenue in 2012, with search ads being a key driver of that growth.
    • Key factors for the impressive increase in mobile advertising revenue are rising smartphone adoption/3G and 4G penetration, more time spent on mobile devices and better advertising monetization through targeting ad inventory consolidation.
  • AdAge: Introducing Google Guilt, Google Therapist, Google Ours and Google Want
    • Google Mine – lets you share your belongings with your friends and keep up to date with what your friends are sharing.
    • Google Guilt – allows you to track your emotional baggage.
    • Google Therapist – An outgrowth of Google voice commands that allows you to talk to Google about your hopes, fears and deepest, darkest secrets … and get helpful, real-time spoken responses.
    • Google Ours – An inventory of all the stuff owned by Google billionaires, millionaires and thousandaires.
    • Google Want – A helpful directory of everything Google intends to acquire, co-opt or otherwise commandeer.
  • SEW: Bing & Yahoo Advertisers Integrated in Windows 8.1 Smart Search
    • Microsoft launched Windows 8.1 Preview at the start of the month, and with that comes “Smart Search”: the ability to search for something across the web, your device, apps, and the cloud.
    • In addition, Bing advertisers will be a part of this new search experience.
      • Advertisers can now connect with consumers across Bing, Yahoo and the new Windows Search with highly relevant ads for their search queries”
      • Bing Ads will include web previews of websites and the latest features like site links, location and call extensions, making it easier for consumers to complete tasks and for advertisers to drive qualified leads.


  • Facebook: Facebook Rolls Out Graph Search to All Users
    • Facebook rolled out Graph Search to all users and announced improvements to Graph Search since the beta test, including:
      • Speed improvements both when suggesting potential searches and when displaying results.
      • Deeper query understanding.
      • More relevant results are now displayed first.
      • The search box is easier to see and use.
  • Twitter: Experimenting with new ways to tailor ads
    • Last week, Twitter announced the retargeting option for advertisers.
    • Promoted content from brands and businesses will be displayed to users based on what they’ve shown in interest in.
    • Users won’t see more ads on Twitter, but they may see better ones.


  • eMarketer: Marketers Keep Up with Divergent Behavior on Smartphones and Tablets
    • Tablets, with their larger screens, offer a better experience for so-called “lean-back” activities like media consumption, shopping and experiences.
    • Overall, more US consumers shop on their smartphones than on their tablets—102 million vs. 94 million in 2013.
    • eMarketer predicts nearly 71 million tablet owners will make purchases via their device this year, compared with 53 million buyers using smartphones.
    • And a much higher percentage of tablet users will make purchases than smartphone users, at 63% vs. 39%, respectively.

Demographic Insights Millennials

  • eMarketer: How Millennials Shop Online
    • Spending more than 1 hour per day on retail sites is fairly common.
      • Men were more likely to say they spent more than 2 hours daily on retail sites, cited by 20%, compared with 13% of women who spent as much time per day online shopping.
    • 23% of millennials said they liked to purchase cosmetics and personal care items online and 27% reported preferring buying shoes online.
    • More than half of young women used Facebook or Twitter to get notifications of upcoming sales or specials, and 44% of young men did the same.
    • With digital shopping an ingrained behavior for most millennials, online retail stores and comparison shopping sites will continue to be critical stops in their path to purchase.

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