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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Performics Authored

  • Participation Activated: 2014 Trends Report by Performics
    • Performics has identified and detailed 3 main themes that they think will drive performance through activating participation in 2014, including:
      • Data Shadowing:  The trail of trackable data left behind as participants move across channels & devices
      •  Content A.I.: The science of real-time content production driven by analysis of user behavior
      •  Virtual Marketplaces: The expansion of access by shoppers to products beyond physical stores & native sites
  • Read the full report to learn more! 

Channel Insights Social

  • Facebook’s New Offline Sales Measurement Trick Could Make Ad Clicks Obsolete
    • Businesses can buy ads, then send Facebook privacy-safe data on who bought what, and Facebook will tell them how much people who saw the ads bought compared to those who didn’t.
    • Using Custom Audiences to measure offline sales lift involves a few key steps:
      • Marketers upload hashed data, including emails, phone numbers and addresses, as well as encrypted transaction information.
      • Facebook matches the retailer’s hashed data to hashed data from our own databases.
      • Facebook then provides a report that compares, on an aggregate basis, the purchase behavior of customers who saw an ad on Facebook with customers who did not.
  • Facebook: Facebook has officially started testing Video Ads
    • The video ads will function in the same way as the auto-play feature that was rolled out earlier this month for videos shared via Facebook or Instagram – Video Ads will begin playing automatically as soon as they appear on screen, without audio.
    • Users who wish to access the ads with audio can click or tap on the videos to view them in full-screen. Those who are not interested can simply scroll past the content.
    • On mobile devices, all videos that begin playing as they appear on the screen will have been downloaded in advance when the device was connected to Wi-Fi.


  • eMarketer: Tablets and Apparel: Fashioning a Role in Mobile Commerce
    • eMarketer forecasts there will be 71.1 million US mobile buyers using a tablet in 2013, compared with 94.8 million US mobile shoppers using the device.
    • Apparel is one of the fastest-growing retail ecommerce categories in the US, seeing 17.2% sales growth in 2013, second only to the combined books/music/video category, eMarketer estimates.
    • Apparel will make up a 17.0% share of US retail ecommerce sales this year, second only to the computer and consumer electronics category.
    • eMarketer forecasts there will be more women than men among the US tablet user base in 2013-which will be the first time that women, with a 52.7% share of the group, will outnumber men by that measure.
    • US tablet shoppers are 15% more likely to purchase in a browser than in an app.
  • Nielsen research finds that when it comes to mobile, Instagram beats Twitter
    • Instagram’s average monthly audience came in at around 32 million, and appears to be the fastest-growing app this year, with a 66-percent increase.
    • Twitter, meanwhile, counts 30.8 million average monthly users.
    • Instagram is the top app, dominating with 103,420,000 monthly users. Other top apps primarily come from Google’s roster, with Google Search and Google Play in the second and third spots.


  • Kenshoo Report: Google PLAs Deliver 4X Revenue Lift For Retailers In Early Holiday Season
    • ROAS reached $8.62 in the 26 days ending with Cyber Monday that were analyzed for the study. PLAs delivered a nearly 9 to one return on investment in the early holiday shopping season.
    • PLAs also outperformed traditional paid search text ads across most metrics: 27% higher click-through rates, 15% lower CPCs and 40% higher average order value.
    • Impressions increased by just 65%, but led to a 115% increase in clicks for advertisers. The click-through rate rose 30% this year to an average of 3.3% globally, up from 2.6% in 2012.

Seasonal Insights Holiday

  • Half Of Holiday Shoppers Plan To Wrap Up Lists Online, Highest In NRF’s Survey History
    • As of December 9, before the most recent weekend, 32 million holiday shoppers had not even started shopping.
    • Driven by low prices and value, 45.4% will wrap up their shopping at their favorite department store and 37.4% will head to discount stores. Others will shop at electronics stores (24.1%), clothing and accessory stores (23.6%), grocery stores (15%) and outlet stores (13.7%).
    • Half (49.6%) say they have already bought apparel this year, and nearly four in 10 (38.7%) have bought toys.
    • Many who aren’t finished shopping planned to wrap up by Wednesday (29.2%), 14.2% on Friday, and another 12.3% on Saturday while 10.1% will wait until Christmas Eve.

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