Weekly Digital Digest

Weekly Digital Digest
December 20, 2013
Weekly Digital Digest
January 10, 2014

Weekly Digital Digest

Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Channel Insights Social

  • Pew Research Center Report: Social Update 2013
    • Approximately  73% of online adults now use a social networking site of some kind
    • 63% of Facebook users visit the site at least once a day, with 40% doing so multiple times throughout the day.
    • Some 57% of Instagram users visit the site at least once a day (with 35% doing so multiple times per day), and 46% of Twitter users are daily visitors (with 29% visiting multiple times per day).
    • Overall, 42% of online adults use two or more of these social networks, while 36% use only one.
    • Among those who only use one major social networking platform, 84% say that Facebook is the single site that they frequent, followed by LinkedIn (8%), Pinterest (4%), and 2% each say that Instagram or Twitter is their sole social networking site.


  • comScore Report: Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority
    • In April 2013 for the first time, more than half of digital consumers in the U.S. engaged on both computers and mobile devices, resulting in a multi-platform majority. As of June 2013, that number hit 54 percent and continues to grow.
    • Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, in the U.S. is growing at a rate of 30% year-over-year and is beginning to alter the retail landscape.
    • Among the top 100 digital media properties, nearly one out of three monthly visitors (31%) only accesses that content brand via mobile platforms.


  • Google Shopping Expanding 360 Degree Product Images, Making New Hire
    • Google continued to tout the 360 views and have expanded from toys to other consumer products that consumers typically like to examine closely such as cameras.
    • Users can move the images around to see all sides, top and bottom of a product and theoretically “feel as if they’re picking up products off the shelf”.
    • Finding products with the 3D view is still tough, but presumably a good number of manufacturers are signed-on to the program.

Seasonal Insights Holiday

  • IBM Report: Mobile Traffic and Sales Surge on Christmas Day 2013
    • Mobile Traffic and Sales: Mobile traffic was the highest we’ve seen over this holiday season, accounting for 48% of all online traffic, up 28.3% compared to the same period last year. Mobile sales also remained strong, approaching 29% of all online sales, up 40% over 2012.
    • Smartphones Browse, Tablets Buy: Smartphones drove 28.5% of all online traffic compared to tablets at 18.1%, making it the browsing device of choice.  When it comes to making the sale, tablets drove 19.4% of all online sales, more than twice that of smartphones, which accounted for 9.3%.  Tablet users also averaged $95.61 per order, versus smartphone users, who averaged $85.11 per order.
    • The Social Influence – Facebook vs. Pinterest: Shoppers referred from Facebook averaged $72.01 per order, versus Pinterest referrals, which drove $86.83 per order.  However, Facebook referrals converted sales at nearly four times the rate of Pinterest referrals, perhaps indicating stronger confidence in network recommendations.

Global Insights Global

  • Facebook’s Cutesy Annual Report To Partners Reveals First Country-By-Country Mobile Stats
    • Germany – 19 million daily active users, 25 million monthly active users (43% of German Internet users are on Facebook, 76% of monthly users return daily), 13 million mobile DAU, 18 million mobile MAU (27% of German mobile phone users).
    • France – 18 million DAU, 26 million MAU (63% of French Internet users are on Facebook, 69% of monthly users return daily), 11 million mobile DAU, 17 million mobile MAU (33% of French mobile phone users).
    • Spain – 12 million DAU, 18 million MAU (58% of Spanish Internet users are on Facebook,  67% of monthly users return daily), 8.1 million mobile DAU, 13 million mobile MAU (32% of Spanish mobile phone users).

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