Weekly Digital Digest

Weekly Digital Digest
January 3, 2014
New Kid on the Block: Jelly
January 15, 2014

Weekly Digital Digest

Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Channel Insights Social

  • WSJ: Pinterest Buys Image-Recognition Startup VisualGraph.
    • The terms of the deal were not disclosed.
    • VisualGraph is comprised of Stanford computer science graduate David Liu and Kevin Jing, a Google veteran who helped develop one of the Internet giant’s first image search applications in 2004.
    • Jing will lead a new visual discovery team at Pinterest to “build technology to better understand what people are pinning.”


  • Juniper Report: M-commerce to reach $707 billion in 2018
    • Annual retail payments on mobile handsets and tablets are expected to reach $707 billion by 2018, representing 30% of all e-retail by that time.
    • The report found that leading retailers were increasingly developing strategies built around mobile, using it as a ‘hub’ facilitating payment, product discovery and customer retention.
    • As a result, the size and scale of purchases across both smartphones and tablets is increasing strongly.
    • The report argues that retailers need to adapt their strategies to incorporate showrooming, by deploying tablets equipped with mobile point-of-sale capability throughout the store, while also introducing a price match option.


  • IgnitionOne: PLAs Drive Clicks, Impressions – But Not On Mobile
    • Marketers spent 12% more on search ads in Q4 2013 compared with the prior year — but the big news for the quarter is the growth of product listing ads, which combine images with text.
    • Marketers spent 618% more on PLAs compared with Q4 2012.
    • During Thanksgiving week about 8% of all search impressions and 13% of the clicks came from PLA campaigns.
    • The IgnitionOne Report also notes that during the quarter the Yahoo Bing Network held its share of clicks in Q4, with 22.7% of spend vs. Google’s 77.3%, just a hair up from last quarter’s 22.6%.

Global Insights LATAM

  • GSMAr: Latin America to See Steady Growth in Mobile Users and Connections Through 2017
    • Mobile communications continued to spread in Latin America this year, with 53.5% of the population, or nearly 328 million people, using mobiles.
    • Looking forward, about 10 million new consumers would join the mobile user base in Latin America each year through 2017, when mobile users would total 374.3 million, or 58.7% of the region’s population.
    • GSMA’s data showed that Brazil had a commanding lead in the region, with 238.7 million mobile connections and 112.5 million mobile users—or one-third of the region’s entire mobile market by both measures.
    • According to GSMA’s figures, the South American nation, with an estimated population of over 45 million, had 43.9 million mobile connections and 24.0 million mobile users, making it Latin America’s fourth-largest mobile market.

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