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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Performics Authored

  • New Kid on the Block: Jelly
    • Jelly is a newly launched social app that was created by the co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone. This app allows people to take a picture, ask a question regarding said picture, and have it answered by your Jelly network.
    • Jelly.co is currently being indexed by Google. While there does not appear to be a website version of the app, there are a number of questions and answers in the index when a site search is conducted for Jelly.
    • Jelly also currently does not have a robots.txt file in place disallowing any of the search engines from crawling their site.

 Channel Insights Social

  • Study: Consumers engage with retailers’ Facebook pages more than brands’ websites
    • Nine-in-10 consumers say how much they spend is impacted by their social media engagement with a brand.
    • 89% of those who interact with a retailer online through any social media outlet say that the interaction has an impact on their purchase.
    • Women are twice as likely as men to be influenced by Pinterest; YouTube influences twice as many men as women.
    • Nearly all (96%) of consumers expect retailers to inform them of new products. Only 34% of retailers, however, can track consumer trends in real-time, reducing their ability to rollout appropriate offers which can drive sales.


  • IBM study: Consumers willing to share personal info – for a price
    • The percentage of consumers willing to share their current location via GPS with retailers nearly doubled year-over-year to 36%.
    • 38% of consumers would provide their mobile number for the purpose of receiving text messages and 32% would share their social handles with retailers.
    • 29% use social, location and mobile much more extensively, for everything from researching products to ordering goods.
    • 12% of consumers surveyed are classified as “Trailblazers,” those who use these technologies across channels and base their choice of retailer on whether they make that possible.
  • Forrester Report: Predictions 2014: Mobile Trends In eBusiness
    • Competitive advantage in mobile will shift from experience design to big data and analytics – Marketers need to understand consumer context in that moment but you also need insights gleaned from data over time to know how to best serve them in that moment.
    • Mobile contextual data will offer deep customer insights – beyond mobile – Most advanced marketers will get that mobile’s value as a marketing tool will be measured by more than just the effectiveness of marketing to people on mobile websites or apps.
    • Mobile advertising will start maturing – In 2014, Forrester expects new mobile-centric ad formats to emerge, more effective mobile video inventory to grow, and more mobile ad network inventory to shift to the exchanges.


  • AdAge: Google Buys Into Smart Home Gold Rush With $3.2B Deal for Nest
    • Nest Labs builds Internet-connected thermostats and smoke detectors that are considered entries into the burgeoning smart-home market.
    • A connected home could provide Google new information such as when people are home, what rooms they frequent and what appliances they use or need to replace.
    • Google’s startup-investment arm Google Ventures had previously invested in Nest Labs.

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