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  • Adobe: Q4 2013 Social Media Intelligence Report
    • Twitter and Pinterest saw the largest gains in referred visits to retail sites, at 125% and 89%, respectively.
    • Pinterest overtook Facebook in terms of referring revenue in the U.K. in the fourth quarter, and Adobe expects the same thing to happen in the U.S. at some point during 2014.
    • Social engagement with brand posts on Facebook was up 180% year-over-year, and brand post impressions rose 150%.
    • Brand posts with images delivered an engagement rate 650% higher than that for text-only posts, while posts with links, text, or videos saw lower engagement year-over-year.
  • Pinterest Interests: New Tool Delivers Personalized Pin Recommendations
    • The Interest topics board is set up differently than normal Pinterest page. Some of the topics are in a much larger box than others, based on how popular that particular topic is for each user.
    • Pinterest’s pins are organized within a handful of broad categories, so Interests will group together pins in much more narrow categories to help recommend pins users are more likely to be interested in.
    • The new Pinterest Interests section is available from the top menu on any Pinterest page and is only available for desktop users at this time, but Pinterest is expecting to roll out to mobile users soon.


  • Marin: 40 Percent Of Google PLA Clicks To Come From Smartphones By Dec 2014
    • PLA share of spend among Marin’s retailer set grew relatively slowly in the first three quarters of 2013, rising just 3 points from 12 percent of spend in January to 15 percent in October.
    • PLA share of spend rose to 18 percent in November then hit 23 percent of spend in December. Marin saw some advertisers put as much as 80 percent of their paid search budgets toward PLAs in these months.
    • Click-through rates on those PLA ads also jumped, rising 20.5 percent in Q4 year-over-year. In comparison, CTR on text ads bumped up just 4.6 percent. In November and December, click-through rate increases for PLAs were driven by smartphones.
  • Google Now Changing The Top Search Filters Based On Query
    • Google is making changes to Search to help you find the most useful things more easily. Now when you search, the type of results you can select at the top of the page will vary depending on what makes sense for your search.
    • For example, if you search for “English to Tagalog” you’ll see ‘Apps’ that’ll help you with translation as well as ‘Books’ and ‘Shopping’ in case you’re looking to buy a printed or electronic dictionary.
  • eMarketer: Paid Search Clicks Climb at the End of 2013, as Do CPCs
    • Q4 2013 ended up as the biggest quarter for paid search ever worldwide, according to a January 2014 study of ad spending conducted by digital marketing technology company Kenshoo.
    • The study found that in Q4 2013, clicks for paid search increased 12.3% year over year worldwide, although impressions had dropped by just over 10%. Cost per click (CPC), meanwhile, increased by almost 6%.
    • The Americas saw the greatest year-over-year gains in clicks, at about 16%. Asia-Pacific, meanwhile, had a 35.2% jump in CPC over the same time period but also saw ad impressions drop by almost 31%.


  • Shop.org & Forrester Survey: Mobile tops retailers’ priority lists
    • More than half (53%) of retailers surveyed marked mobile efforts as a top priority, identifying responsive design, mobile site optimization, and tablet redesign among key focus areas.
    • Four-in-10 (46%) retailers surveyed planning to engage in some site overhaul. Efforts will focus on site personalization and usability enhancements, or the reconfiguration of the core site experience to positively affect conversion rates.
    • On average, retailers’ total 2013 smartphone revenue grew 113% over 2012, and tablet revenue grew 86% over the same period.
  • Key Ring Report: 75% of mobile shoppers redeemed mobile coupons in 2013
    • Key Ring found that 48.7 percent of mobile shoppers were between the ages of 35-54, 62.3 percent were female and 68.7 percent were married.
    • 80.4 percent of shoppers said their perception of a retailer would improve if the retailer offered mobile deals and coupons.
    • Of the respondents, 50.9 percent had digitally saved a coupon to a store loyalty card in 2013, representing an 8.5 percent increase year-over-year.
    • 65% said they add products to their shopping lists as a result of seeing a mobile ad.

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