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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary.                                                           United States Channel Insights Social

  • eMarketer: Social Commerce: Influencing Shoppers and Assisting Sales
    • Product reviews were the leading digital tool that influenced US internet users to shop at a specific retailer (39%).
    • Retailer social media was also relatively influential (30%) and performed especially well at inspiring users to buy products or brands they had not bought before (23%).
    • Learning about products was the top reason for following brands on Facebook, Pinterest, and perhaps surprisingly, YouTube, which had a strong 61%.
    • More than half (55%) used a mobile device for retailer social media. 


  • Google & comScore Partner for Real-Time Ad Measurement
    • Google is integrating comScore’s Validated Campaign Essentials, or vCE, measurement technology into its DoubleClick ad business.
    • The combination will let advertisers and publishers track online ads in near real time, allowing them to change things on the fly if campaigns are not performing as expected.
    • The addition of vCE will also help Google share more data with advertisers about what types of people see their ads and what their interests are.
    • The end game is to integrate this with TV measurement 
  • CNET: Mozilla to sell New Tab page ads in Firefox
    • Called Directory Tiles, the initiative will use a combination of sponsored sites, popular sites based on geographic location, and Mozilla ecosystem items to fill in blank New Tab pages.
    • The Directory Tiles will appear only to new Firefox users, or people who have re-installed their browser.
    • Once the user has browsed enough to satisfy the needs of the “frecency” algorithm, which combines the frequency and recency with which the user visits a Web site, the Directory Tiles will be automatically replaced with content more relevant to the user. 


  • Nielsen Report: The US Digital Consumer
    • US adults spent on average 34 hours per month using the mobile internet on smartphones. By comparison, they spend 27 hours on the PC internet.
    • Apps capture 86% of usage. Only 14% of smartphone internet access time comes via the mobile web.
    • 84% of smartphone and tablet owners say they use their devices as second-screens while watching TV at the same time.
    • 4% of smartphone owners use social media daily.


  • eMarketer Report: The State of Digital Display 2014: An Industry Readying Itself for Brand Advertisers
    • eMarketer explores how four main digital display advertising trends will both manifest and intersect in 2014:
      1. The focus will continue to shift from standard display ad units to more dynamic, engaging ad units.
      2. Programmatic direct will emerge as a primary vehicle to pair those richer ad units with consumer data.
      3. Marketers will look beyond behavioral web data to better understand their customers and reach those customers across devices.
      4. The viewable impression standard will finally become just that—a standard.
    • PFX employees can access the full report here.

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