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  • Facebook’s Plan To Take On Twitter’s Stream
    • Facebook is pouring resources into its new Public Content Solutions team, hiring TV execs, acquiring startups that analyze real-time event chatter, and building new APIs so news outlets can visualize its data and remind us where to discuss world events.
    • The efforts include a partnership between Facebook and NBC’s “Today” show features a touch screen in the studio that displays trending Facebook topics.
    • Facebook’s goal with these partnerships is to convince people that Facebook is where they should be talking about current events.
    • Facebook is doing everything it can with media partnerships to work around its private content focus and filtered feed. But don’t be surprised if it finds a way to detect when friends are talking about real-time events and make their voices heard immediately — just like Twitter.
  • Facebook video watching doubles in 6 months
    • Facebook giving video views more weight in its News Feed algorithm, which determines what users see from brands and friends on the social network.
    • Now, it will deliver more video to people who have demonstrated interest in viewing such content. It will downplay video for users who have not shown an interest.
    • The level of interest is determined by how often—and for how long—a person viewed a video, whereas previously Facebook only took Likes and shares into account.
    • Facebook also said that video views doubled in the past six months.

Programmatic Advertising

  • Will Programmatic Advertising Take Over TV?
    • Cox Media and other television marketers are testing the programmatic TV ad waters to target watchers based on who they are, and not necessarily what they are watching.
    • Programmatic TV ads are just starting out, however, and it is still impossible to tell who exactly is watching the messages being delivered.
    • The question “Will TV embrace programmatic?” misses the reality: The medium already embraces it.
    • Programmatic TV can benefit everyone simply by automating the buying, selling, delivery and measurement of ads, the argument goes.


  • eMarketer: Platform sees brand preference for owned editorial content
    • Owned sites grab the largest share of editorial media spending on mobile.
    • Looking at the different editorial media types, content that lived on an owned site saw the most dollars by a long shot, as distribution grew 31% between Q4 2013 and Q1 2014 to grab 68% of spending.
    • Spending doesn’t tell the whole story, and earned content saw the highest engagement rates, indicating that brands could derive higher value from this form, Sharethrough noted. Meanwhile, sponsored and owned came in second and third, respectively.

Participant Insights Discovery & Research

  • eMarketer: Consumers Choose Digital for Product Research, Purchases
    • A March study reveals that 82% of U.S. digital shoppers prefer digital means to research products before buying them, as opposed to in-store research.
    • Desktop and laptop computers were preferred by 61% of the respondents, tablets by 11% and smartphones by 10%.
    • 13% said they would rather go to a physical store to do their product research.

Seasonal Insights Back to School

  • eMarketer: School’s Out—Ready for Back-to-School?
    • eMarketer forecasts that digital sales for the back-to-school season will increase 16.0% in 2014.
    • The growth rate for back-to-school ecommerce is slightly higher than the 15.5% overall ecommerce increase forecast for the full year—and is nearly triple the 5.85% growth in projected retail sales overall in Q3.
    • Students and parents start to research their back-to-school needs long before stores notice an uptick in purchases – with nearly two-thirds (65%) starting by the end of July. In contrast, only 35% said they made a purchase by the end of July.
    • Performics employees can access the full report here.

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