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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Channel Insights Social

  • Facebook Passes YouTube for Desktop Video
    • “In the month of August, on desktop viewing, they delivered about a billion more views than YouTube, which is pretty amazing,” comScore co-founder and chairman emeritus Gian Fulgoni reveals to Beet.TV.
    • Facebook still trails Google Sites for video views across total devices combined.
    • Facebook has come a long way in the last year, announcing in September it now gets a billion video views per day, with views having increased 50 percent from May through July of this year.
  • Yahoo offers branding opportunities through Tumblr
    • Yahoo is on the hunt for brand launch partners for its latest slate of content marketing services for Tumblr, as it continues with plans to monetise the social network.
    • The move will see the Yahoo and Tumblr teams work closely with advertisers to help plan and execute branded content experiences across the platforms, while also measuring campaign ROI.
    • The rollout coincides with mobile native advertising research the company published today, revealing that Yahoo’s Gemini native ads are deemed “visually engaging” by 85% of people on its platform, meaning they actually see native ads when they are fed through the content stream.


  • Yahoo launches digital magazine Yahoo DIY with slideshows, listicles, and original videos
    • Yahoo a new magazine called Yahoo DIY. As the name implies, the offering is aimed at do-it-yourself enthusiasts looking to get their hands dirty.
    • Yahoo DIY isn’t just full of text that explains how to get the job done. Editor-in-Chief Katie Brown is promising readers content like slideshows, listicles (ugh), and original videos.
    • Yahoo’s recent renewed focus on digital content is largely driven by CEO Marissa Mayer. She wants to turn checking Yahoo content into a daily habit, with Tumblr being the main inspiration.
  • Teens Love Google Voice Search
    • Mobile voice searches have more than doubled in the past year, and, perhaps not surprisingly, they are more popular among teens than adults, according to Google’s Mobile Voice Study.
    • 55 percent of teens, who are 13 to 18 years old, use Google voice search more than once a day.
    • 43 percent use voice search to call someone, while 38 percent ask for directions.


  • HBO to start online-only subscriptions in 2015
    • The premium cable channel plans to launch a “standalone, over-the-top” offering next year that will let people watch programming purely by streaming.
    • The move reflects how quickly technology is upending decades-long standards for how television is paid for and distributed.
    • The opportunity has blossomed with a proliferation of mobile devices, the sophistication of out-of-home connectivity networks, and the emergence of popular online video sites like Netflix, YouTube and HBO Go. Combined, the forces have created unprecedented consumer demand for options outside to classic pay-TV bundle.


  • Apple Pay Is Coming To The iPad
    • Apple’s next line of iPads will likely support Apple Pay.
    • Apple Pay lets users pay for stuff by tapping their iPhone against a special pad at the register. It’ll work at several major retailers at launch like McDonald’s, the Disney Store, and Panera Bread.
    • Apple Pay integration for the iPad is likely geared toward online shopping, where the tablet can really excel.
  • Mobile paid-search traffic is rising
    • Marketers spent 22% globally on search engine marketing in Q3 2014. In the U.S. that equates to 4% year-on-year, but in Europe marketers spent 32% more.
    • Google still holds the title of being the dominant engine to refer traffic, with more than 25% of all non-app visits to Web sites, but Bing produced the highest referred revenue per visitor to retail sites from search and social non-app traffic.
    • Google still leads in click-through rate growth, up 14% year-on-year at a lower cost per click of 4% compared with the Bing Yahoo network at 8% and 12, respectively.

Seasonal Insights Holiday

  • Google Study Highlights Mobile Role As Holiday Shopping Aid
    • 28% of consumers in the U.S. will search online for holiday gifts before Halloween.
    • Another 63% will research online before Thanksgiving, while 60% will purchase their items that weekend.
    • And while there may be a slight discrepancy between who looks at what and when, one thing they will all have in common is the device they use to do these searches on: mobile.
    • 6% of shoppers who use their phone in a store still end up making a purchase. 

Vertical Insights Healthcare

  • Have Your Doctor’s Appointment Right in Google Search Results
    • Google is currently testing a new feature that will allow users searching for medical-related information to connect directly with doctors via its Google Helpouts project.
    • With Google investing heavily in its efforts to redefine health care with its Calico effort, this is one step in the right direction to make health care professionals more accessible to individuals as they are needed.
    • As of now, there is no immediate use for advertisers. But with Google and the big pharmaceutical companies in the business of making money and working for shareholders, it is only a matter of time until advertisers can become involved.

Global Insights EMEA

  • Ready to pay by tweet? Here’s how new Twitter-powered payment service works in France
    • First, you download BPCE’s S-Money App from the the iTunes store or Google Play store. Note that both have been updated to versions that include the pay-by-tweet feature.
    • Next, fill in your credit card information. Then connect the app to your Twitter account. That’s it.
    • The key from there is tweeting using the exact symbols and words required.

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