What Are Your Intentions?

Across businesses we are heading into the 2016 planning season and, as we do, I think it is critical to reassess our operating assumptions, our objectives and the organizing themes/strategies to guide our investments and plans.

As part of recent work we completed, we mapped four themes to guide our performance marketing/media work for the enterprise marketers we serve globally and locally around the world.

  • Universal Discoverability — In a search and social landscape that is moving from keywords to content and context, and pull to predictive engagement, we believe brands need to embrace sight, sound, motion and touch discoverability across all consumer touch points. This landscape includes search, social, mobile, comparison shopping, affiliate and ecommerce environments in an ever expanding landscape.
  • Enabled Commerce — Leveraging all channels with mobile at the core, consumers now move fluidly across devices as they express intent and make buying decisions. In this digitally bridged world that has moved from online to omni-channel, all shopping experiences need to move from stoppable to shoppable and siloed to seamless.
  • POE Cohesiveness — Owned/Earned Media have gained engagement credibility and add substantive lift to Paid Media returns (we have numerous case studies that reinforce this point). We believe leveraging an Owned/Earned first strategy and fully built out POE plan is at the core of driving a performance plan that outperforms today and leads tomorrow.
  • Portfolio Management — Marketers need to leverage all their brands in more critical ways including Hero/Halo, Domination, Conquesting and Efficiency/Effectiveness strategies. In consideration of all brand assets, we embrace considering all enterprise opportunities to own categories, develop markets and grow market share.

These all represent our POV on opportunity areas to focus on, win in and dominate across our practice and client portfolio.

As you think about next year, what are your organizing themes? Where do you want to win? What are your full intentions?

All key questions to ask as we rush headlong into 2016. All key questions we are here to help you address.



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