What Do Shoppers Want this Holiday & How Do They Want to Buy It?

Posted by Cristina Lucero, Research Associate

With just over a week until Black Friday, participant shopping trends are shedding light on exactly how participants want to shop this holiday, what they need from retailers in order to buy, and what they plan to buy:

Shopping Behaviors

  • Early shoppers spend more and prefer to shop online (Compete).  We're seeing marketers react to this by increasing paid search investment earlier this year than last.
  • Shoppers will increasingly turn to social and deal sites this year; there will be an 8% increase in social shopping this year vs. last (Google)

Purchase Considerations
The below infographic from Lab42 shows what retailers need to do to spur shoppers to buy this season.  As you can see, free shipping and sales are most important:

Hoilday graph

Popular Gifts

  • Clothing and gadgets, like always, will be popular this year.  83% plan to purchase clothing, and 56% plan to purchase electronics.  (Google).
  • Google is predicating that jewelry will be 2011’s breakout product category; 57% of shoppers plan to purchase jewelry this year
  • 29% plan to purchase home furnishings (Google)

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