Which Healthcare Brands are Winning in Social Media?

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September 19, 2014
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September 26, 2014

Which Healthcare Brands are Winning in Social Media?

Today, brands must incorporate social media strategies into their greater marketing efforts to outperform competition and build a loyal follower base. Performics Social Snapshot is a monthly publication comparing vertical category leader social presence. For healthcare, the snapshot focuses on eight brands with strong, active social presences on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube: Blue Cross Blue Shield Heath. Join In., Kaiser Permanente, Humana, eHealth Insurance, Aetna, United Healthcare, Cigna and Health Net. What separates the category leaders, Blue Cross Blue Shield Health. Join In. and Kaiser Permanente, from Cigna and Health Net? Healthcare Brand-to-Customer Insights Successful healthcare brands leverage the wide reach of social media to:

  • Provide health, wellness and fitness tips for a healthy lifestyle
  • Inform followers about seasonal illnesses and health risks
  • Promote healthy eating: including recipes, food and portion size
  • Spread awareness about mental/physical health days of recognition
  • Respond to customer inquiries about particular health plans and service offerings

Healthcare Customer-to-Brand Insights Customers of healthcare brands turn to social to engage and participate through:

  • Inquiring about particular hospitals covered under insurance plans
  • Giving feedback on customer service and claims processing
  • Sharing healthy lifestyle personal success stories
  • Participating in brands’ social media health challenges and games
  • Sharing stories about family and friend experiences with brands’ service offerings

Healthcare Leaders by Channel

Facebook: Blue Cross Blue Shield Health. Join In., 720,829 fans and counting What it does well: Blue Cross Blue Shield Health. Join In. stands out among its competitors on Facebook with nearly 13 times more fans than the runner up. With interactive and compelling posts, Health. Join In. creates a community of participation, inviting people to get involved with online challenges, sharing healthy recipes and taking fitness tests. Health Join. In. excels in posting on Facebook with its follower base top-of-mind by focusing on quick and easy ways for people and families to improve their health through eating and physical activity. With timely responses to customer comments on posts, Health. Join In. provides exceptional customer service by following up on comments and directing people to proper contact information. Twitter: Blue Cross Blue Shield Health. Join In., 63,508 followers and counting What it does well: Blue Cross Blue Shield Health. Join In. uses Twitter to further build and promote its online identity as a health info hub. With consistent brand voice across all social properties, Health. Join In. uses Twitter’s hashtag capability to capture trending moments, events and info relevant to its audience. YouTube: Kaiser Permanente, 2,343 subscribers and counting What it does well: Kaiser Permanente’s YouTube channel outperforms the competition in user experience and subscribers. The brand does an excellent job of dividing its YouTube page for easy navigation: with a featured video, care stories, thrive advertising, careers, schools and business. The page set up addresses all brand audiences and consistently adds engaging and relevant videos to each section. Both Blue Cross Blue Shield Health. Join In. and Kaiser Permanente are category winners in terms of fans across the three social channels. To learn more about Performics social offerings, please contact us today.

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