Why Marketers Should Care About Twitter

Posted by Eric Fisher, Natural Search Program Manager

·         Increase in Site Traffic:  Twitter can send a lot of traffic to your site in real time.  For instance, if you introduce a new product, press releases, or promotion on Twitter, you can watch in real-time as it gets re-tweeted throughout the world and traffic to your site around that product or promotion jumps.  As these “ReTweets” happen, more links are being built on blogs and other sites that drive traffic to your native site.


·         Boost Search Rankings:  Twitter is really a tool that drives people to a resource you have. It's essentially an accelerated link machine.  The concept of “ReTweets” allows the promotion of your message back to your content source. This snowballs into more and more SEO-valuable incoming links.

·         Inventory Liquidation via Promotion Codes Announced in Real Time:  Imagine Brand A needs to get rid of their old model [insert product name here]. A quick tweet, “Hey Beloved [Brand A]  Tweeters, we got 10,000 of these [insert product name here] left. Come to the and type in this promotion code for $X dollars off.”  The marketer would get an influx of traffic and inventory will be cleared.

·        Keyword Mining and Topic Classification:  Twitter can help you capture and code consumer sentiment, which can inform keyword builds and search campaign account structure.

·         Brand Support: How your brand is defined is now in the hands of consumers.  Twitter can help brand marketers mine competitive insights for more productive sales/marketing.  Analysis of sources at the venue and audience level can inform targeting and messaging and also inform you of positive (or negative) things your qualified customers are saying about your brand.  This intelligence could inform natural or paid search reputation management strategies.

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