Yahoo! SSP Myth: TLP Only Gets Brand Traffic

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November 17, 2008
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November 19, 2008

Yahoo! SSP Myth: TLP Only Gets Brand Traffic

Posted by Jen Hyla, Senior Program Manager (Natural Search)

Many advertisers believe that the Yahoo!  SSP TLP (top level page or homepage) feed only drives traffic for brand terms or common misspellings of your brand or products.  While the TLP does get traffic from brand terms, it also generates traffic from generic or non-brand queries.  This is primarily due to two factors:

1.       The TLP (homepage) ranks well naturally because it’s generally the page on the site that has the largest number of external and internal links pointed to it.

2.       The TLP feed can be continuously optimized to drive traffic from targeted generic keywords (in addition to brand terms).  Generic keywords associated with the TLP are submitted to Yahoo! and appear in the title, description, and invisible keyword/body field of the SSP listing.  The TLP feed’s relevancy to a searcher’s keyword determines where the listing will rank.  The TLP is optimized to target 10-12 high volume keywords.

In summary, the TLP can be optimized for generic terms and also leverages link popularity to achieve an even higher ranking.  TLP Quick Links (directional links under the search engine page description text) can also be used to drive additional click-through from generic terms.  For instance, if an advertiser optimizes a TLP feed for the search term “smart phones” and then also utilizes a Quick Link with the text “smart phones,” the advertiser is making it easier for searchers to find (and click on) the exact landing page they were looking for.


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